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Service Contracts
Steves Optical Services is able to offer Service Contracts for Confocal systems based on the ‘Bronze Select’ version that was previously available from Bio-Rad Microscience. There are two types of Contract on offer, a system only Contract which is the ‘Bronze Select’, and a new Service Contract called the ‘Bronze Plus’ that also includes the microscope that is attached to the system.
My decision to offer Service Contracts had to take into consideration the future availability of spare parts.  While Steves Optical Services holds, or is able to source, a good number of spare parts to cover the majority of service requirements, it is not possible to acquire every single part and combined with the fact that Carl Zeiss is no longer supporting the Bio-Rad range of Confocal systems this has effectively ruled out any possibility of offering an equivalent Service Contract to the ‘Gold Select and Silver Select versions that Bio-Rad Microscience used to have which guaranteed to repair a system no matter what the fault was.
The ‘Bronze Select’ Service Contract offers more features than the old Bio-Rad version did and combined with the new ‘Bronze Plus Contract, they provide customers with the following support for their Confocal Imaging System(s):-
The Bronze Select Contract includes:-
Priority service with a specified response time.
One Preventative Maintenance (PM) visit per contract year.
Quantity discounts to the contract price if more than one system is covered
at the same location and both PM visits are carried out at the same time.
Enhanced technical support via phone and e-mail.
The additional benefits added by Steves Optical Services are:-
Fixed price for any additional labour required in the event of a system malfunction.
For any spare parts provided in the event of a system malfunction,
a discount applies all of the time (e.g. not just after a PM visit).
The ‘Bronze Plus’ Contract includes everything covered by the ‘Bronze Select’ Contract
plus the following options:-
The opportunity to have the microscope that is connected to your system serviced.
This would be performed when the PM visit is carried out on the Confocal Imaging
System. This has the added advantage that I can re-align the Confocal system
after the microscope has been serviced.
Personalisation options, which could include additional PM visits or additional
microscopes that are not attached to the system and other peripherals or
The Bio-Rad Microscience Service Contracts were conditional upon a billable inspection and, if necessary, a repair of the system being carried out before a Contact would be offered. Please note, the same condition will apply to the Service Contracts offered by Steves Optical Services.
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